Welcome to RTC investigations ltd

We specialize in complex, bespoke, in-depth, niche investigations associated with Road Traffic Collisions (RTC’s) sometimes still referred to as Road Traffic Accidents (RTA’s).

The investigations we undertake are normally tailored to specific needs are distinctive in that they fall outside the remit and ability of other organisations.

Crime permeates all aspects of society. The insurance industry and other commercial sectors are popular targets for fraudulent activities.

It is unlikely that fraud or other crime will ever be completely stamped out but we can assist in making it a far less attractive proposition to both the opportunist and career criminal.

We identify a wide spectrum of criminal, fraudulent or fundamentally dishonest behaviour in all its various guises. We offer bespoke solutions to effectively counter the financial impact of such activities.

We provide advice, training and practical processes to individuals and companies on the strategies that should be adopted to prevent or detect criminal activity.

We have considerable experience in conducting both covert and overt investigations. Facts are presented that can be used to aid prosecution, discourage or prevent future activities.

Our investigators have many years’ experience in the collation and dissemination of intelligence, financial investigations, forensic examination of documentation together with in-depth criminal investigations involving both opportunists and organised crime groups. We have extensive experience in the evaluation and analysis of data, establishing links between individuals, companies and financial activity that would normally remain hidden.