RTC Investigations provide timely, cost effective and efficient services to our clients in the insurance and legal sectors.

These services are conducted with care, discretion and in complete confidence.

Our evidence gathering techniques have been developed to formulate court compliant reports and statements for use in both criminal and civil courts, as well as in tribunals.

We have access to a number of industry leading open and closed user group databases that assist in the compilation of powerful, factual reports and statements.

Services Provided

  • CPR compliant Interviews including the Insured, Independent witnesses, Suspects in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • The gathering, collation and dissemination of factual evidence – not offering opinions or best guesses.
  • Situation Reports offering a brief overview of the circumstances together with proposed options, recommendations and actions.
  • Financial Profile Reports.  Where required, Lifestyle Reports
  • Track and Trace of individuals and Status Reports.
  • Using our impeccable contacts we can assist by facilitating liaison or actions with ‘other agencies’ within the Public and Private sectors.
  • Services we provide adhere to relevant laws and guidelines.

Services not provided

  • Process serving
  • Covert surveillance
  • High volume – low value investigations
  • Bulk road traffic collision investigations/liability enquiries